Nevena Shomova

My name is Nevena Shomova. Painting is a hobby and a career for me. When I was a child I found out that I have this talent for painting and later when I was a teenager I started dreaming that this would be the career for me one day. With every peace of art I have created, I have improved my skills and I have worked hard on using my talent. I believe in Jesus Christ and this has a great impact in my life and work of art. I owe to God my success and He is my inspiration for perfection and that is why I have an affinity for the certain style of painting- realism. Enjoy my gallery!

Contact me: Nevena Shomova 0899921753, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

What am I good at?

– Oil painting on canvas, a realistic observational drawing of photos of animals, flowers, portraits and etc.
– Wall paintings with oil paints and acrylic paints- animals, flowers, huge range of illustrations suitable for nursery
– Painting on different surfaces and objects with oil and acrylic paints: vases, plates, furnitures, cast made of plaster.